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Nigeria At 61 Is Full Of Enmity And Division – Governor Wike



Nigeria At 61 Is Full Of Enmity And Division - Governor Wike

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has said there is nothing Nigeria has to celebrate at 61 years of existence. 

NEWS MAIL NG reports that the Rivers Governor said this while speaking in a church as part of events to mark the 2021 Independence Day.

Wike said that the Legislative is as good as inactive, the Judiciary can’t give the right judgments due to fear of intimidation from the Executives.

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Read his words below: 

He said, “You have a child that is 61 years old. In the next few days, Nigeria will be 61 years old. So many people celebrate when they get to 60 years thanking God.

“Now Nigeria is 61 years but the only reason why we can thank God is because there still appears a name called ‘Nigeria’. That is the only reason we are thanking God. But indeed, is there anything called Nigeria?

“An old man at 61 years, full of enemity, division and hatred. At 61 years, you hate a state because of an individual, discriminating against some people because of their religion, because of where they come from. And we are here clapping hands for Nigeria.

“At 61 years old, where is legislature? A legislature that cannot think, a legislature that anything they bring is right. A legislature that cannot say that Nigeria has come to the age of conducting a free and fair election.

“A legislature that would close its eyes and say “anytime you want to borrow, borrow”. A legislature that will not ask questions “this money that you are borrowing, where is it”?

“61 year old, giant of Africa. The money they are borrowing, where are they applying it? We have no congress to ask questions.

“Indeed what are we celebrating at 61 years old? Where are the courts? The judges are been intimidated, they have abandoned their responsibilities out of fear of what would happen”.

Watch video below :


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