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Estranged Wife Of Oluwo Of Iwo Mocks Him Online



Channel Chin, Oluwo of Iwo’s estranged wife has mocked him after the Oluwo sent a cryptic post about an ‘enemy’ who had a child for him.

Oluwo of Iwo said the enemy recorded his activities while they were together and has been using it to threaten him, NewsMailNg reports. 

Canada born, Olori Channel Chin in 2020 accused the Oluwo of Iwo of sleeping with their 13-year-old house help and daughter of a Tatashe seller who sells in front of his palace.

You would recall that she released a video of him rolling up a joint to smoke.

After he responded, she called him a “55-year-old man-boy” . She shared an edited picture of a cockroah entering a car and captioned it : “rare picture of the Emir of Yoruba land entering his vehicle to drive himself mad.”


She went on to share a photo of his former wife as she accused him of lying that he didn’t have a wife before her.


In another post, she shared a photo of a shop with just a sachet of Milo and milk and she sarcastically captioned it, “Me opening up a supermarket for me and Oduduwa (her son with the Oluwo) with the money we got from the Emir of Yoruba land.”


She also shared a post that reads: “Dear mothers, let’s teach out daughters that loyalty does not mean accepting unlimited pain & physical abuse from broken men/boys.”

Below are more posts she shared shading the Oluwo of Iwo.


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