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Education Is Not Enough For Success – Reno Omokri



Education Is Not Enough For Success - Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has said that education alone can not guarantee success in modern society. He advised young people to build good relationships. 

NEWS MAIL NG reports that Reno Omokri noted, “Don’t be deceived by the SCHOOL SYSTEM. That you are not good at school, that you do not come out tops in exams, does not mean you will not succeed in life”.

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“School is an institution. life is an experience”.
Don’t forget that “SAME RULE DOES NOT NECESSARILY APPLY TO BOTH SPHERES”. Both spheres have different principles that bring success. He advised that while schooling it is wise to apply the principle of life to create a more enabling environment to succeed while you are still schooling.


Build a better relationship with humans than academics.
To achieve this, he stated that we should learn to be good with people, and people who were good in school may even end up working for us. We should equally learn to build a better relationship with people. Human relations are always more important than academics because people relate with people, but people don’t relate with degrees.


Reno Omokri is a popular author and a human rights activist.

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