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Sick Nollywood Actor,Kingsley Orji, Calls Out Harrison Gwamnishu Over N5m Ibori Donation



Sick Nollywood Actor,Kingsley Otho, Calls Harrison Gwamnishu Over N5m Ibori Donation

Nollywood actor, Kingsley Orji, who needs surgery on his leg to walk again has called out Harrison Gwamnishu.


NEWS MAIL NG reports that Kingsley Orji did a Facebook live asking Harrison Gwamnishu to give him the N5 million James Ibori gave him for his surgery . Watch video below :

Reacting to the allegations by Kingsley Orji, Harrison Gwamnishu who is a Human Rights Activist wrote : 

I contacted Princess Joy Uloaku Ogidinta who followed up with Kingsley Orji VISA/medical report for his India travel.

We paid for the test carried out, paid for the X-ray, paid for his transport to/fro and contacted Visa agent before we find out he squandered the 1.5million which was meant to process his visa.

Full details
He reached out to me for help to help him post for help on my page, some persons responded and cash realized amounted to 105,000Naira which I sent to him. Later, my brother, Ibori Ubulu called me to ask how we can help in his case, I told him I do not know him personally but he sent me medical reports of his ailment and needs help with the surgery on his leg.

In the light of that, he sent me the sum of 5million naira with instructions to guide and follow up through the entire process till Kingsley is back on his feet and that he already sent 1.5m naira to Kingsley’s account I provided.

I reached out to Kingsley and also our representative in Lagos to follow through his medical checks (x-ray and lab tests)and also reached out to a visa agent to facilitate his travel plans to fly him to India for his surgery.

Along the line,I noticed he started drawing back and made some investigations which revealed that some person’s sent some money to him prior to that time for his treatment which he squandered..there is an evidence to back this up…we can’t allow that happen again.

After speaking with Ibori,he asked that I ask him to send the money that was initially sent to him to my account so we ensure he gets the required treatment this time. He blatantly refused instead,he said Ibori asked him to use 500,000naira and keep 1m for treatment,I said ok,since 500,000naira is for your expenses,send back one million naira,he still refused till date but insisting for me to send him the 5million naira claiming to have started his visa process which I have no evidence to.

On this note, I will not be in any dubious act with anyone. #DueProcess

Note that, he kept asking our Lagos representative for feeding money on weekly basis, meanwhile he claimed 500,000naira is what he is keeping back for feeding.

I wish him quick recovery but the right thing must be done.”

He also shared these screenshots of conversations on the matter . 

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