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10 Important Points Nnamdi Kanu Made During His Broadcast



10 Important Points Nnamdi Kanu Made During His Broadcast

Founder of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, made a live broadcast last night . In case you missed it here are the major points.

NEWS MAIL NG reports that Nnamdi Kanu spoke on several topics troubling Nigeria and the people of the South East. He said late Ibrahim Attahiru was promoted after invading his house.

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Read his words below:

1- In Biafra everybody from nursery school will know what their rights are, the rule of law… anybody that goes against the rule of law in Biafra land will regret the day they were born!

2- This is 2021 not 1967. They must understand that we are going!

3- For you to be free you must be stubborn. We are going to show them what stubbornness is, Fulani children will sing Folklores in our name!

4- A general died and a general didn’t attend his burial?” The dead can’t bury the dead. The real Buhari would have gone for the burial if only he was alive.

5- “The reason late Buhari and Shekau fell apart was because Shekau refused to attack the East, so they employed ISWAP to do the job for them.”

6- All the police and Army that have been killing innocent people for all-over the years will all “DIE”
7- “Nigeria is a place where terrorists, mass murderers, killers, rapists are pardoned and recruited into the Army and police, whereas, the same Army and police are in the East arresting people they see on the streets.”

8- Hausa Syndrome is the most advance form of Stockholm Syndrome.

9- No community should allow Hope Uzodimma into any community in Imo State. If you want to try us, go ahead and do so.

10- Late. Ibrahim Attahiru’s promotion came when he attacked my house.

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