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I See Boko Haram Invading Igbo Land -Prophet Alex Ugochukwu (Video)



I See Boko Haram Invading Igbo Land -Prophet Alex Ugochukwu (Video)


Prophet Alex Ugochukwu has been accurate with most of his prophecies.

NEWS MAIL NG brings you  new prophecies from the tongue of Prophet Alex Ugochukwu.

Read his prophecies below: 

“Prophesies from Sunday service (02/05/2021) at IMMACULATE CHAPEL MINISTRIES by: Prophet Alex Ugochukwu.

– The Lord told me that a governor will soon die,he will be assassinated.

– I see dark cloud in 6 states. The Lord showed me a vision of a dark rain for 6 states, and imo state will be involved. (Killings)

– the Lord showed me Boko Haram killing innocent people and pregnant women

-the Lord showed me that Boko Haram have covered imo state, they have surrounded imo state, but God will open a new channel and we will pass through.

-I see politicians abandoning their houses to hide in the houses of poor people, and even the poor people were killing them. So many politicians will be killed. They left their homes and ran to those with local houses, and those with local houses still killed them. Very soon there will be no hideouts for them. All the airport and their Private jets will be burnt down, the whole toll gates will shut down. Every part of the streets I saw vehicles burning, people trecking from distance like owerri to onitsha, inside the gutters I see blood, thick blood flowing in the gutters like water. It will last for 3 weeks, this period of challenge will last for 3 weeks, and in the fourth week the light will shine. Nigeria will be filtered, God will filter out the evil and there will be a new Nigeria.

He also saw visions of how Boko Haram will take over Igbo land. Read below :

-Around 3am, the Lord showed me a vision where something like a dragon came and swallowed some people, it wanted to swallow about 5 million people at once, but when it wanted to swallow the people, a particular hand like a rope came and grabbed the neck, so there was no space for it to swallow the people, so it had to vomit them back. And I said, Lord what is this? And God said they wanted to swallow the igbos, they are planning to swallow the igbos few weeks from now, but God said he the Lord will hold their neck and they cannot eat, and they will vomit the igbos.

– God took me again and showed me a city, took me through the city, and I saw Muslims well armed. Boko Haram well armed surrounding the city, and I asked God which city is this, and he said is the Igbo land. God said already we are surrounded with evil men, he said let me take you to another part, we came another way, to the edge where it is suppose to join, a boundary. I now saw something like a gutter, like a river, and the Lord said through this way I will pass a flood through the places they have stayed and surrounded, and I will flush them. Have it in mind that this Igbo land have been surrounded already”

Prophet Ugochukwu also saw a time when Governors will ask for apology from the people. 

A time when people will bring down churches for deceiving them and Doctors seen like gods.

-Time will come when doctors will be like gods, after that time doctors will rise, I see doctors rising. I see doctors being at different angles, is coming soon.

-Among many men of God, only a few will talk about Jesus, the rest will hide. God said he will do a new thing, but it may not come with something like testimony, God said he can use good to change his world, he can also use evil to change his world. He said it is his world.

-I see where governors gathered together going from state to state asking apology and people were throwing them stones, saying that is too late.

– I saw where a crowd ran into a big church and they said, you have decieved us soo much, and they brought down the church and the church closed down. People of God let us be prepared, something big is coming, and this evil, God is aware of it.”

The man of God continued :

-This is a dark night, soon and soon, people will stop going to church, they will be praying from their houses because of fear, for those who knows ME will not fear death, and after death life comes.

-Then I saw a bigger light, this light is like a fire, just one, looks like it was tiny, like a candle light. From afar it looks so tiny like a burning light, as it was coming closer the righteous everywhere was looking at the fire, the more it was coming closer, people were gathering, crowd the more is was coming closer people started melting, then I tried to look at the people that were melting and on their foreheads was written ‘evil agents’ , ‘evil keys’ , some they wrote ‘evil actors’ some they wrote ‘evil women’ and on those that were not melting, on their heads was written light, grace, love. I saw some, many were carrying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, I saw some where carrying cross, cross, cross. They were not melting, until the fire came down and melted everyone of them that have negative name, and those that have the name of heaven were standing. God is about to sieve this world. Something is about to happen.”

Watch video below :

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