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Elumelu Ask Reps. To Demand Isa Pantami’s Sack As David Hundeyin Floors Him On Channels TV



Elumelu Ask Reps. To Demand Isa Pantami's Sack As David Hundeyin Floors Him On Channels TV

Ndudi Elumelu the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives on Wednesday called on the House to push for the resignation or sacking of Isa Pantami following allegations of being a Jihadist sympathizer. 

NEWS MAIL NG reports that Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Isa Ali Pantami has been battling to save his battered image over comments and teachings he made in the past that show him a pro Jihadist. 

Dr Isa Pantami has been telling everyone who cares to listen that those views “were based on my understanding of religious issues at the time.”


Ndudi Elumelu speaking at the Plenary on Wednesday said: “Mr Speaker, I have a ‘privilege’ point of order under Order 6 Rules 1 and 2. My privilege bothers (on the issue of) one of the serving ministers called Sheikh Ali Isa Ibrahim Pantami.


“There have been insinuations that he has direct links and personally subscribes to the extreme Islamic beliefs of al-Qaeda, Taliban and Boko Haram sects. There are evidence, compelling, on the cyber space to buttress and lead strong credence to a relationship and existing mutual collaboration between him and terrorists…”

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Elumelu afterwards asked for Pantami’s resignation or sack as Communication and Digital Economy Minister of Nigeria.


Speaker of the House of Representatives, Gbajabiamila ruling on Elumelu request said, “I think you came under the wrong order because you have not stated how your privilege has been breached. But your point of order is well noted. As you know, under privilege, we don’t debate such issues if it comes under privilege. Thank you.”


Meanwhile, Pantami is trending on Twitter again today after Freelance Journalist, David Hundeyin , presented more proves in an interview with Channels TV on Pantami’s “extremist beliefs”.

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Watch the video below: 

Below are some of the comments the video generated on Twitter:

Great Oracle

“You see that guy, David Hundeyin, I adore him. Takes courage to throw stones at Goliath. He has courage, including integrity. Not folks who run with the fox and hunt with the hounds. Good name is better than riches – laundered riches”

Somto Onuchukwu

“Every media house in Nigeria needs one David Hundeyin, and all evil regimes will be toast.
He doesn’t spare them, and I love that he takes his security serious.
Keep it up.”


“The courage of David Hundeyin is all we need.

“The greatest tragedy is not the brutality of the evil people, but rather the silence of the good people” – Martin Luther King Jr.



“Maybe the allegations against Isa Pantami should be slaughtering of cows. Maybe, just maybe the North will ask him to resign. Since Cows are the Senior Citizens

Big-Ups to David Hundeyin, he is the David that battled Goliath (Pantami). David is an asset to journalism in Nigeria.”

Dr PamPam | Omo Iya Ologi

“David Hundeyin is never afraid to say it the way it is”

Ọláwálé Flag of Nigeria

“Now, protect David Hundeyin and Fisayo Soyombo at all costs, those are the few real journalists left in this generation.”


Ogechukwu Onye Life

“Dear David Hundeyin.

I hope you get to the very top of your career and reap all the rewards that comes with it.

Thank you for all you do. I’m very sure you’re an inspiration to so many aspiring journalists our there.

God bless you.”

Mazi @FestusGreen Flag of Nigeria

“David Hundeyin’s Channels TV interview, alongside Dr Kabo (Isa Pantami’s friend) about #PantamiResignNow exposed the deep gap in perception & capacity between the so called leaders and their followers in Nigeria. It’s like the leaders & the led are living in separate countries!”

#OurFavOnlineDoc StethoscopeFlag of NigeriaFlag of United KingdomGem stone

“I don’t follow David Hundeyin.
He doesn’t follow me.

I probably will not agree with everything he said in the past. Or maybe I will agree.

But I’ve read his articles on this Pantami situation. I watched his interviews.

That man deserves his flowers Hibiscus
He has done well on this.”

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