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Nigerians Come After Odumeje And Rita Edochie Over Ada Jesus’ Death



Nigerians Come After Odumeje And Rita Edochie Over Ada Jesus' Death

Ada Jesus has died at the tender age of 27 years without getting married or having her own child.
NEWS MAIL NG reports that Ada Jesus was confirmed dead on Wednesday,21 April 2021 in an Abuja hospital. 

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Since the sad news broke, Nigerians have been throwing grenades into Prophet Odumeje and Rita Edochie’s camps. 

Nigerians Come After Odumeje And Rita Edochie Over Ada Jesus' Death

Here are some reactions:

@novieverest “Just heard Ada Jesus is dead. For clarity sake, if the news is true, she didn’t die because she insulted Odumeje or Rita Edochie. She died of an illness. An illness that both young and old people die of. We need to focus on improving our health system. Top pastors have been cursing and wishing Buhari death, baba travels to UK and comes back fresher.

“Before you come here to cry spirituality, I am a Christian. I have seen a lot of things God has done, but you see my God…. His ways are plain open in the Bible. Christ died for Grace, if there’s no Grace anymore.. Then I should quit believing. I have witnessed Him.

“People with health issues will need money for treatment, when they post about it, people will turn it to prayer point. There’s a thin line between all these things. My elder sister was once healed of asthma on a visit to sand field when Bonke visiisted.

“Average life span in Nigeria is lower than in countries with good health facilities. Your pastors and my priests travel to those countries for treatment. They go on regular medical check. The ones that are honest will tell you.”


@Iam_safiano “The contradiction is she had no prior diagnosis or single trace of d kidney issue, or sudden stroke that we heard happened before dat, question now is, how come a young girl with soo much energy suddenly gets struck with strange ailments after her s/media clash with two people?”

@osirmah “Ada Jesus died of Kidney related issues according to reports.That’s what I believe though!! If those statements made to her months back was the cause, abeg make those same people make statements about Nigeria politicians so we can get rid of em al. If not,abeg dead the narrative!”

@FestusGreen “Ada Jesus had a kidney problem, a medical problem. But close family members and friends thought it was all spiritual, thereby further complicating an already stressed situation.

“It’s quite unfortunate how we attribute whatever we don’t understand to mysticism & spirituality!”

@balo_ng wrote “We are too religious in Nigeria, the times and period she’s supposed to be.medically treated, they were busy looking for people behind her calamity”

@YouthsofNaija “I don’t blame people holding Odumeje responsible for her death.

A prophet of God, why didn’t he heal her since he has the auction to heal the sick.

He didn’t forgive Ada Jesus because if he knows if he does, he is expected to heal her.”

@ladyque_1 “This is so sad. After all her fight for survival 😢😢😢😢 Thank God she made peace with everybody before dying. May God grant her soul eternal rest ”

@nene_george “This is heartbreaking😢💔. I’m just happy she reached out and made peace with everyone she’s offended, now she’s at peace with her maker. Rest In Peace”

@bright___r “Haaaa, how her family denied her proper medical attention and instead carried her from one place to another in search of miracles baffles me. Someone suffered from stroke and needed proper medical attention but they had to worsen it.”

@yeshua_myguide1 “odumeje took credit for her illness.she was supposed to get better after he forgave her but she died instead..”

@ujuejor “All those who claimed or t

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