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2023 Presidential Election : Why Zoning To South East Is Key – Osita Chidoka



2023 Presidential Election : Why Zoning To South East Is Key - Osita Chidoka

Former Aviation Minister and PDP stalwart, Osita Chidoka, while speaking on Arise TV’s “The Morning Show” said the presidency should be zoned to South East. 

News Mail Nigeria reports that Osita Chidoka urged Nigerians to free themselves from the fear of the past. He said Nigerians need to be bold and intentional about building a great nation.

“Nigeria should zone the presidency to the south-east. Nigeria should not let the fears of its past hold it hostage,” he said.

“The possibility of unlocking the potential of Nigeria stares us in the face; the possibility of building a nation where no man feels oppressed is just before us. We just need to be bold, courageous and honest about our intention of building a country out of this current realities.

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“The presidency of the 2023 election should be zoned to the south-east, and I have no apologies about that, and I believe other parts of the Nigeria will reason with us as we progress in this conversation that the time is now.

“For the past 50 years, Nigeria is still dealing with the problems of the past; we need to move away from that, we need to move to a new future, and zoning the presidency to the south-east is the first step in that direction.”


On Anambra gubernatorial election, Osita Chidoka, said he is not contesting again but backs the zoning to Anambra south. 

“I am not running for the governorship of Anambra state this time around; I am supporting the idea that somebody from Anambra south should be allowed to be the governor but it is up to the electorate; it is up to the party machinery to choose who they want but I want it on the record that I support the idea of zoning in Anambra, as I am supporting it in Nigeria.”

Osita Chidoka contested the Anambra governorship election in 2017 . 


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