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UGEZU UGEZU : If Religion Was Good, White Invaders Wouldn’t Have Given It To Us



UGEZU UGEZU : If Religion Was Good, White Invaders Wouldn't Have Given It To Us

Ugezu Ugezu a popular Nollywood actor has said the Western invaders would not have given us religion if it was something. 

News Mail Nigeria reports that Ugezu Ugezu who is popular and loved by many fans shared this personal opinion on Instagram. 

He added that these “Western invaders” are still hiding some important things from us till date.”

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Ugezu captioned the post with : “

And our brethren are still hating brethren because of it.

THINGS FALL APART …. Prof. Chinualumogu Achebe
The Ogidi of Ogidi.”

This post got comments from Christians too . See below : 

“Are you trying to say that Jesus does not exist? Are you trying to say the cross, salvation, the death of Jesus Christ, his resurrection means nothing to you? Are you saying you have no recognition of the Holy Bible, the Holy Spirit and blessings of receiving Jesus and making Him the Lord of your life. Yes, I know there are many fake pastors, even fake brethren. But the best thing to happen to humanity is coming off Christ. Please let people believe in Christ in peace. You can worship your ancestors, but allow others to worship Jesus. Stop discouraging them. Just because there are fake pastors does not mean Christianity is not good.”

“So why do we believe the VACCINE they brought?🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️😂😂”

“Tufiakwa to you too sir, Christianity is not a religion, it’s divinity at work in humanity,no wonder your colleagues in Nollywood are dying like fowls,a life without Christ is a life of crisis,O ye you priest of ogwugwu,repent,Christianity is not a white man’s religion”


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