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Tchidi Chikere And Nuella Njubigbo Speak On Marriage Crash



Tchidi Chikere And Nuella Njubigbo Speak On Marriage Crash

Famous Nollywood couple, Director Tchidi Chikere and his wife, actress Nuella Njubigbo have done a video on their bed to quash marriage crash rumor.

News Mail Nigeria gathered that Tchidi Chikere’s ex wife, Sophia Williams, mocked them after rumor of their marriage gained momentum. Sophia is the mother of TChidi’s three sons. She wrote on Instagram :

This came days after Sophia Williams published an Instagram post where she talked about being blessed by the “betrayal” and told her followers, “I hope you understand this message.”


The fact that TChidi Chikere and his wife Nuella are not following each other on Instagram fueled the rumor the more. To quench the fire, TChidi and his wife did an Instagram video on their bed.

Nuella in the video told her hubby to stop making the video because it feels like he is trying to prove a point. 

Tchidi responds: “I’m not proving any point. It’s crazy.”

, “So, I must be following you on Instagram?” he added.

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Watch the video below.

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