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Harrysong Reveals How He Will Win Grammy Award



Harrysong Reveals How He Will Win Grammy Award

Harrysong, Harrison Okiri, the newly married singer has revealed how and when he will win Grammy Award.

News Mail Nigeria reports that Harrysong said he is back in the studio to work on an album with 40 team members. 

Harrysong said this new project will win a Grammy Award but he added that it might not be now . He said this in a recent interview .

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Harrison Okiri said : “I am back in the studio to focus on my music career. I am about to release an album titled, God Amongst Men and I have started work on it with my team of about 40 people.

“Not all men can be gods on earth because many are called but few are chosen. The power of music is given to very few and the grace of manifestation is few. I would win a Grammy Award. It might not be now, but when it comes, the world would see it.” He said.

Speaking on why he took his wedding ceremony to Warri, he said he did so to bypass too much media attention.


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