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Nigerians React To Aisha Buhari’s Book Launch Without President Buhari



Nigerians React To Aisha Buhari 's Book Launch Without President Buhari

President Buhari’s absence during Aisha Buhari’s book launch has set many tongues wagging. 

The book, “Aisha Buhari, Being Different” was launched inside Aso Rock , Abuja . News Mail Nigeria reports that top Nigerian politicians and business heavyweights graced the occasion but her husband, the President was ‘resting in London’. 

President Muhammadu Buhari was represented by Chief of Staff, Prof Ibrahim Gambari. 

Below are some reactions online:

Buhari said he is taking a ‘brief rest in London.’
Me:Who takes a brief rest while his wife is doing something big?
Why did he even choose to rest at the time his wife is launching her book?
Do they have problems in the ‘other room’ or she no de gee am chop?
Abi Nnamdi talk true?

Aisha Buhari is launching her book today, her husband Baba dey chill for London.
How on earth did we expect a scattered family to fix Nigeria?

— Okey (@Okeydegeneral) April 8, 2021

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Saw a line or two on the book launch for Aisha Buhari holding today.
lot was said about her being a motivating factor behind Buhari’s political aspirations. I’m keen on knowing her role when he unleashed violence after he lost in 2011. Did she intervene to quell the violence?

— theonly1acre (@theonly1acre) April 8, 2021


A Milestone for Aisha Buhari, for being the very First Nigeria’s First lady to write and launch a book while her husband is on a medical journey in London.

She indeed was able to lure from far and wide incredible sons and daughter of Nigeria such as Thievnubu,Kogi’s Y.B etc

— SurvivalIsTheGoal (@GoalSurvival) April 8, 2021


At least Patience Jonathan would lament, mixed up her grammar over kidnapping & killings in the country. Aisha Buhari stayed in Dubai for 3 months while women & children were getting roasted by terrorists – upon her arrival, sis want to launch a book for hungry Nigerians to read?

— FS Yusuf (@FS_Yusuf_) April 4, 2021


‘Not for hungry Nigerians to read, Aisha wants to cash out’

Sis isn’t launching the book for hungry Nigerians to read, or didn’t you see the guest list of about 15 billionaires?? Sis wants to enter market on the 8th of April & take profit that same day ooo!! Just wait till you hear the donations coming in.

— H.E. Mobola Adedotun (@IamMobola) April 5, 2021


She Don open office for their head.

Aunty Wan cash out…

— The real Mccoy (@samchiz) April 5, 2021


It’s all about money bro. Neither Aisha nor her husband cares. As far as their pockets are getting full. They are very satisfied.

— Stanley Goodluck (@stanleynanka) April 4, 2021


Madam first lady want collect her own national cake. I think she has been sidelined for long, hence she got her masterstroke of launching a book to help her own treasury.

— Jamie _Fash (@IddieFasakin) April 4, 2021


Can two walk together except they agree?

There can never be a Buhari with an Aisha.

They are so compatible, otherwise, they would not have stayed that long together. #Birdofafeather

— Helen Francis (@HellenaFr72) April 4, 2021


“Aisha Buhari: Being different”. There is a joke somewhere inside that title

— Esiri Umukoro (@esiriumukoro) April 4, 2021

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