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Ayo Fayose Speaks On 2023 Presidential Zoning



Ayo Fayose Speaks On 2023 Presidential Zoning

Ayo Fayose, the former Ekiti State Governor has expressed his opinion on 2023 presidential zoning. 

In an interview with, Ayo Fayose said he would not want to comment on where the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP , will zone the presidency to in 2023 because it is a decision the party egg heads will make.

Read his words below:

“If the PDP decides to zone the presidential ticket to the North in 2023, will you still support them?

Let me tell you that it is still too early for me to make comments about this. It is too fundamental a situation. My character is that when I say something, that is the side that I will be. I cannot make a statement on what is the prerogative of the party itself. We should not preempt this party because there is a major storm ahead both for APC and PDP but because APC has Mr. President and they have national structures backed by government. So, it may be easy for them to resolve their own, it might not be easy to resolve our own. So, we have to be careful of comments along this line. This party is bigger than all of us. I want to refrain and take extra caution in making statements about the zoning issue.”

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When asked if he is satisfied with the way PDP South West Chapter crisis was handled by the National Working Committee of PDP, he said :

“Crisis resolution has multi-dimensional approach. Nobody will resolve your own for you except you resolve it by yourself. Everybody in the National Working Committee largely by 70 percent are from other zones. So, what can they do? If there is no reconciliation from home, it’s a waste of time. That is the sincerity and I’m not prepared to blame anybody in the National for this reconciliation issue. Reconciliation of crisis are offshoot of so many things.

They could be offshoot of interest that was denied, offshoot of betrayal, offshoot of struggle for power and so many things. So, the first thing we want to identify is that when you are sick, is it a sickness that has been diagnosed well to know the root cause? If you don’t know the root cause, you can’t achieve reconciliation. But if you are involved in an issue and you are on a side, when they tell you they want to reconcile, you will say no, this does not work. You will be equally perceived as a person who does not want peace. But when people go into the matter, they will see that it is more complicated than they imagined. Ambition is one of the dangerous things I’ve seen in politics and if care is not taken, people fester, they enjoy crisis because some people are benefiting from it.

Those benefiting from the crisis will not allow any peace process up there to work; that is the truth. So, let me say that I have nobody to blame in Abuja. The interest that is on the ground has taken over the national working committee. Some people working for one group while another is working for another, all representing various interests. That is the challenge. For me, I lay no blame to reasons why my family is not doing well. The issue is that my family must find a way to resolve the matter.” 

Ayo Fayose also spoke on why his group opposed the venue and date fixed by Uche Seconus led NWC . 

“I just told you that all these things boil down to the division that has widened. Some side wants them to disobey a court order while we are saying it is inordinate to disobey a court order. Anybody is at liberty to disobey but one very good thing is that when a matter is before the court, I am not supposed to comment on it. A similar matter happened in Ekiti when the court did not even issue an injunction whether to uphold it in our favour, the same party told us that because the matter is still before the court, they can’t do it.”


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