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Zamfara Residents Jubilate Over Removal Of Ex-IGP, Mohammed Adamu



Zamfara Residents Jubilate Over Removal Of Ex-IGP, Mohammed Adamu

The people of Zamfara State have been celebrating the removal of Mohammed Adamu as Inspector General of Police.

Residents of the state told Daily Post that Mohammed Adamu did nothing to secure the lives and properties of  Zamfara people . 

Aminu Usman said they have been watching attentively to see the end of Mohammed Adamu because insecurity was worse under his watch.

“In fact we were not happy with President Mohammad Buhari because of the security lapses in the country because he did not put a capable hand there to handle the security issue in the country as a whole” he added.

“If the IG fails in his constitutional responsibility of protecting the entire country, nobody would place any blame on the nation’s police boss but all blame must go to Buhari because he has failed the country by putting a wrong person in that sensitive position.

Buhari Appoints DIG Usman Alkali Baba As Acting IGP

He said Buhari is too weak to take decisive actions as president.

“Quote me, during the tenures of Obasanjo, Babangida, Abdulsalami and Abacha Nigeria did not witness such bloodshed like the tenure of Buhari yet all of them were soldiers”

“Then why should Buhari’s tenure be different. If I were Buhari, I swear I would have taken the path of honour and resigned before Nigerians would force me out of the system because I am not capable to lead a country that has over 180 million people.

“It is in Buhari’s tenure that Nigeria wants to disintegrate. The Igbo’s have since made up their minds to go, now the Yoruba’s, Middle Belt and the South-South zones are seriously agitating to disintegrate from one single entity called Nigeria.

“It must be said that Buhari is not handling this country constitutionally as it supposed to be, there have been cries of marginalization everywhere in the country. Even the Hausa people are crying very seriously that most of the positions always go to the Northwest zone”

“Definitely we cannot continue like this otherwise Nigeria would go into a very serious civil war that can claim millions of lives because it may not be like the Biafran war that every segment of Nigeria joined forces and fought the Igbo’s. This time the pattern of the war will be so different”

He added that the call for restructuring of Nigeria is not the solution to nation’s problems.

”Even if Buhari likes let him restructure the country one hundred times a day but some regions would stand up and agitate that they are being marginalized”.



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