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Why Bandits Are Attacking Kaduna State – Nasir El Rufai



Why Bandits Are Attacking Kaduna State - Nasir El Rufai

Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El Rufai , has revealed the reason there is a renewed attck on Kaduna by bandits.

News Mail Nigeria reports that El Rufai told Channels TV on Sunday April 4 that the reason there has been attacks on the state is because of the state government’s resolve not to negotiate with bandits.

“We have a feeling that the renewed attacks in Kaduna are not unconnected to the position that we have taken as a government that we will not negotiate with criminals.

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“We will not give them any money and they will not make any profit from Kaduna; anyone that comes to Kaduna will not get a penny from the state government, except he will get a bullet instead.”

Nasir El Rufai said the security challenges in the north is not new but only got worse in recent time.

He also expressed confidence that the Nigerian soldiers would do the needful in protecting the people of Kaduna State.

“The bandits and their leaders decided to collectively target Kaduna State because of the position we have taken that we will not negotiate with them, that we will not give them a penny of taxpayers’ money and whoever comes to Kaduna for banditry or kidnapping will most likely end up dead” he added.

Reacting to the continued attacks on Kaduna State, Twitter users said : 

Mohammed Isah Momoh

“The Only tribe safe from the mayhem of the (Killer) Fulani herdsmen are themselves… Not Hausa’s, Not Southern Kaduna, Not Even Flag of Nigeria.
Even the good Fulani’s are not safe from (Killer Fulani’s) those releasing these atrocious act on Humans.
Let that sink In.”

ADAKAIBEYASparklesDizzy symbol

“For those of you paying attention the same template herdsmen used in Plateau and Southern Kaduna is the same one executed successfully in Ebonyi. Fulani guests in the area packed up and left the area before fulani herdsmen struck. Those ones will move to another village”


“The magnitude of the Ebonyi ethnic cleansing by the Killer Fulani Herdsmen is seriously underreported. Likely a Southern -Kaduna replica.”


“Great, I wonder why he has not taken the same stand on fulani herdsmen destroying Southern Kaduna, killing & maiming, burning houses & villages

Some other places fulani herdsmen are taking over villages of people who are deliberately kept in IDP’s

This politicians are evil”

Jackson Ude

“I may not be on the same page with Governor Elrufai of Kaduna state but I love his stance on the bandits-No money for bandits, it’s death to any bandit caught. This is how to treat such elements. Any Governor who pays ransom to bandit, is a criminal and a terrorist! “


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