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Governor El Rufai Mocks Reno Omokri’s London Protest



Governor El Rufai Mocks Reno Omokri's London Protest

Governor El Rufai on Twitter made a joke about the number of people who showed up for the Reno Omokri led protest in London.

News Mail Nigeria reports that the Kaduna State’s two-time Governor responded to a tweet by Kayode Ogundamisi which read: 

”Aide to former President @GEJonathan, “Pastor” @renoomokri leads “massive” protest in London against @NGRPresident @MBuhari”

Nasir El Rufai saw the word ‘massive’ as hilarious, he responded with this : “Massive protest indeed……” with many laughing emojis attached to the tweet.

In another tweet, Reno Omokri, revealed what he told the City of London Police when Buhari’s men called them on them. Reno Omokri wrote :

”When General Buhari’s people called the City of London Police on me this afternoon, I calmly asked the officer questioning me this question:

‘’Officer, has Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, ever come to Nigeria to access healthcare? So, why should you be called on me when I am asking my President to return to Nigeria to use our hospitals?

The police officer was touched. He told me I was within my rights and flashed the thumbs up sign, and allowed the #HarassBuhariOutOfLondon to continue. Buhari’s people failed big time!

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