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Anita Joseph Mocks Gay Nollywood Colleague



Anita Joseph Mocks Gay Nollywood Colleague

Anita Joseph has slammed by Uche Maduagwu the actor who said he is proudly gay. 

News Mail Nigeria reports that Anita Joseph Olagunju mocked the actor after he cried out that he is depressed. Anita said he is not shocked by his depression because it must be connected to his declaration of his sexuality.

Uche Maduagwu slammed Anita Joseph by saying her acting career is nothing to write home about yet she is mocking me over his condition of being depressed. 

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In response, Anita Joseph fired back calling Uche Maduagwu a lunatic who needs more bras.

Anita Joseph wrote: “Lunatic I need to get you more bras anumpam😂”

Recently Uche Maduagwu said many Nollywood producers don’t want to give him jobs since he came out as gay.


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