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Rumor Of Adekunle Gold Cheating On His Wife, Simi , Sets Social Media On Fire



Rumor Of Adekunle Gold Cheating On His Wife, Simi , Sets Social Media On Fire

Gistlovers, an Instagram entertainment blog has released another bombshell. This time it is aimed at Simi and Adekunle Gold’s family.

In a post Gistlovers alleged that the singer, Adekunle Gold , has been cheating on his lovely wife, Simi . Gistlovers wrote :

“Stay away from AG baby, Simi doesn’t joke with Kunle, and we Instagram in-laws too won’t take it lightly with you, while simi Carry belle, oga Dey knack you for set and you know he is married, avoid Ag baby before I enter your matter as Mummmmyyy Dey enter people matter, and you Ag baby, FACE FRONT, Baba Jare be warned don’t give my baby girl breakfast chop, I come in peace, i intentionally put Aunty with the promo puna handle there, make them burn her page small, igi ewedu oni wo pawa o”

On Twitter the scandal is still trending till this morning. Read tweets on the alleged infidelity .

B h a d o o s k y

“If you are alleging that Adekunle Gold is cheating, you have to say it with your chest, not under any anonymity. Let AG Baby know those he’s suing alongside Gistlover.”

Alhaji Beardless SmallieWoman wearing turbanSplashing sweat symbolEarth globe americas

“I don’t know your take on the matter and I don’t really care, me I just want to remind you that AG baby is still your baby.Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes”

JayNaija Blogger
“Someone just bring up some shit about Adekunle Gold and gbam he is cheating

Werey niyin seh, Leave AG baby alone
No come scatter person marriage”


“AG baby is cheating? wow, menWoman facepalming” but you’re tweeting this from the apartment that a married man got for you. Sago nbugo. Omo eran, tuletule.”


“If Adekunle Gold carry your babe, just forget am cos AG baby steal your baby”


“Even if Adekunle Gold is cheating i won’t still believe because the AG Baby wey i sabi no fit even kee cockroach.

Adekunle Adigun Gold cheating? I can never believe.”

OlaitanSmiling faceRose

“Adekunle Gold (AG Baby) doesn’t look like someone that can cheat”

Those wey dey cheat dey write am for forehead?”

Odogwu Crown

“When “I felt that” & “I’ve given up on love” Twitter sees this Fake Adekunle Gold Gist about cheating on Simi tomorrow morning its finished Man facepalming

Allow Simi & AG baby enjoy their marriage in Peace”

Ada of Delta Mermaid

“If you believe Adekunle Gold cheated on Simi. Then you can believe anything. The gist self is from a faceless blog. Make una let AG baby rest.”

Source : News Mail Nigeria

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