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Wike Reveals What He Will Do If APC Gives Jonathan 2023 Ticket



Wike Reveals What He Will Do If APC Gives Jonathan 2023 Ticket

Nyesom Wike has made it clear that he won’t back Goodluck Jonathan if All Progressive Congress, APC, gives him presidential ticket in 2023.

Wike revealed this while speaking with BBC Pidgin English Service at the Rivers State Government House on Saturday, 20, 2021. 

Wike said he will back Goodluck Jonathan if he wants to run for president again on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP but will not leave PDP, a party suffering from malaria to APC that is down with stage 4 cancer.

Wike said: “Pick ticket from which of the parties: PDP or APC?

“If it’s PDP, I will support him (Jonathan).

“But if it is APC, he knows I will not support him.

“I won’t play anti-party, even if he is from the South South.

“I don’t play ethnicity.”

Asked of the possibility of joining the APC, Wike said: “Where will I go (APC)?

“I have malaria, I am then looking for cancer.

“I have malaria that is easy to treat, is it cancer that kills I will go to?

“APC has killed Nigerians.

“Every fight I fight will be in PDP. If they win me, they win me.

“If I win them, I win them.

“But not to leave PDP, which has malaria, to APC, which has cancer, and the stage of the cancer is the fourth stage, which doctors say kills.”

On the zoning in Peoples Democratic Party, Wike said he will support the zoning of the ticket to the if it will make the party win in 2023 general election. 

Wike said: “I am from Southern part of Nigeria .I will be happy if power returns to the South, but if PDP will win the 2023 presidential election by zoning the presidential ticket to the North, I will not be opposed to it.”

Nyesom Wike also revealed to the BBC that he was the man who made Rotimi Amaechi Governor of Rivers State. 

“God used me to make Amaechi Governor of Rivers State. There is even a video where he confessed during a church thanksgiving that after God, I was the person that made him governor.”

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