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European Union Speaks On The Safety Of AstraZeneca Vaccine



Europena Union Speaks On The Safety Of AstraZeneca Vaccine

After top European countries suspended the use of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, the European Union has spoken. 

The European Union Medicine Agency has assured that the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine is safe to use. This coming after European countries like Germany, France and Italy suspended its use due to concerns on blood clots found in some recipients of the vaccine .

Before now many have alleged that the suspension of the use of AstraZeneca in European countries could be political. You would recall that AstraZeneca is made in Oxford in the United Kingdom, a country that just left the European Union.

After investigations, the regulator said on Tuesday that there was “no indication” that there was any link between AstraZeneca’s vaccine and blood clotting. It added that the vaccine’s benefits continue to outweigh the risks.

“The committee has come to a clear scientific conclusion: this is a safe and effective vaccine,” European Medicines Agency chief Emer Cooke told a press conference after a probe by the body’s safety committee.

“The committee also concluded that the vaccine is not associated with an increase in the overall risk of thromboembolic events or blood clots.”


A woman and Farmer , Nkiruka , who took AstraZeneca vaccine yesterday in Lagos said on Nigeria Info this morning that the vaccine is very good and safe. She narrated how people queue to take the vaccine for free in Lagos. 

She also said that AstraZeneca is the best and cheapest for African countries because it is the only Covid-19 vaccine that does not require intensive cooling system.

She said the vaccine made by Pfizer and others will be very expensive for Nigeria to preserve as they will require the building of expensive cooling systems in all the centers. 

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