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My Ex-Lover Refused To Frog Jump And Apologize To Me- Cossy Orjiakor



My Ex-Lover Refused To Frog Jump And Apologize To Me- Cossy Orjiakor

Cossy Orjiakor has revealed that her relationship which crashed recently was heading towards the aisle until her fiancé started listening to people. 

The actress and dancer said the reason her relationship hit Olumo rock was her fiancé refused to frog jump and apologize to her. 

We had a little misunderstanding and the rule was that if one party offended the other, the guilty person would do a frog jump. I also do it when I am wrong. However, he refused to do the punishment when he erred because his friends told him not to. But I have forgiven him,” Cossy Orjiakor told Saturday Beats .

My relationship with my ex-lover went sour because we allowed too many people to have a say in the relationship. Both of us are on talking terms and I have asked him why he said some false things about me on Instagram. He told me he had deleted the false claims from his page. When I leave a man, I do not try to go back to him. I try to leave in peace and avoid being enemies with my past lovers. I guess he was just trying to get attention. I think he did that to me because he was still mad at me.”

Cossy Orjiakor added that she will never change her lifestyle for any man. She said only God can make her change. 

I want to settle down but I am not in love with any man at the moment. As a matter of fact, I may end up adopting a child, instead of having a baby for a man I am not in love with. I do not intend to change my life because of marriage. Nothing will stop me from being Cossy. My husband has to take me the way I am. I can only stop because of God and not because of any human being.”

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