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TOUBLE IN IPOB : Nnamdi Kanu Shuts Down IPOB In UK, Calls Them Idiots



TOUBLE IN IPOB : Nnamdi Kanu Shuts Down IPOB In UK, Calls Them Idiots

Nnamdi Kanu , Founder and owner of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB , has shut down the IPOB in UK and sacked everybody holding administrative positions. 

News Mail Nigeria obtained an audio posted by Human Rights Activist, Chidi Odinkanu, on Twitter. Nnamdi Kanu in the audio poured his anger at the behaviors of IPOB members in United Kingdom. He called them idiots and other insulting names.  Read his words below: 

“As from this night the IPOB leadership in the UK is dissolved, I don’t care who you are. You don’t do anything with them at all. If I hear you are holding meeting with them, you are off. Grown up men behaving like little children. I believe that the British Secret Intelligence is even running IPOB in the UK. All of them from top to bottom, useless! Disgraceful and very shameful, behaving like a bunch of rats in a cage, people who are supposedly decent men and women. I don’t know what they fed to them. UK IPOB is shutdown, everybody in position of authority, you are sacked! Those holding our funds, move it to Germany as quickly as possible. If you have to shutdown the account so be it. I held a meeting with them yesterday, very disgraceful and shameful .” Nnamdi Kanu said .

Listen to full over a minute audio below:

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