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CDQ Says Burna Boy Disrespected Obafemi Martins, Nigerians React



CDQ Says Burna Boy Disrespected Obafemi Martins, Nigerians React

CDQ called out Burna Boy on Twitter days ago for disrespecting footballer, Obafemi Martins . Nigerians started dragging Burna Boy online. 

News Mail Nigeria reports that CDQ demanded that Burna Boy apologizes to Obafemi Martins immediately.

Nigerians who were not happy with Burna Boy’s constant disrespecting of top celebrities started a “who is richer” . 

Below are the tweets by Nigerians. 

Daniel Regha

“Obafemi Martins is a football legend, it will be very shameful if Burna Boy belittled him cos Burna is a kid to Obagoal in every thing. Burna has beefed & disrespected a lot of people including his fans since he made his fame which is wrong, this attitude will l!m!t his gr¤wth.”


“CDQ said Burna boy disrespected Obagoal.

Should we hear Burna’s side of the story or do we conclude he disrespected Obafemi Martins?”

Akinpelumi Akinboye

“So Obafemi Martins, Obagoal and Burna Boy fight, kept it off social media. But, CDQ turn Peter Drury for the matter.”

Benue BreedSnowflake

“Burna boy and Obagoal Obafemi Martins had an issue offline, CDQ as per Peter Drury now brought the matter to social media.”


“SamLarry just posted this picture of Obafemi Martins (Obagoal) and Burna Boy chilling together now. I guess it’s all settled on that side.”

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Pereira Bimpe Blog

“Rapper CDQ has called out his colleague, Burna Boy for reportedly ”disrespecting” footballer Obafemi Martins.

CDQ who didn’t disclose what happened, however stated that he is disappointed in Burna Boy and his crew. He further asked him to apologize to the footballer.”
CDQ tweeted;

I still can’t phantom this an artist just disrespected Obagoal on thinking he’s now bigger n say e don get mouth pass Obafemi Martins and I imagine how he was able to go back home n sleep comfortably without conscience in this same Lagos igbagbè manshe awa eda”

Mazi Olisaemeka C. ™

“I don’t know what happened between Obagoal and Burna. I don’t know who was right or wrong because I wasn’t there. But last night, I was seeing tweets that Burna is richer and more popular than Obafemi Martins. Lmao this cerelac generation don’t really know who Martins is sha.Face with tears of joyRolling on the floor laughing”

Upcoming FBiPushpin

“When Obafemi Martins still dey inter Milan, Burna boy never even join cultist then not to talk of discovering his talent as a musician sef “

#EndSarsNow #EndSwatNow

“2011 when Burna was 19 Obafemi Martins Obagoal scored late winner against Arsenal to beat them in League Cup final. Today Burna Boy is insulting Obagoal. Bible siri na mkpari ga-adi”

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