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Controversy Trails Apostle Suleman ‘s Newly Opened Prayer Mountain



Controversy Trails Apostle Suleman 's Newly Opened Prayer Mountain

Apostle Suleman has been bashed by some Nigerians after he opened his Prayer Mountain, Mount Camel at the International Worship Centre of Omega Fire Ministries.

GospelKonnect shared photos of the new prayer mountain on Nairaland with this caption : “Luke 6:12
And It Came To Pass In Those Days, That HE Went Out Into A Mountain To Pray, And Continued All Night In Prayer To God.

Mount Carmel Is A Place Where People Can Visit For Individual Prayer. A Sheltered Place Where Weary Laborers Could Come For Rest And Refreshing (Matthew 11:28)
But Primarily, A Place To Fellowship With The Holy Spirit Through Guided Prayers.

See more photos of the opening of the prayer mountain, Mount Camel. 

Nairalanders had these to say, read below: 

judedwriter(m): 5:07pm On Feb 26
“Prayer goes with Bible reading o….”

Salt06(m): 10:41pm On Feb 27
“…Men should always pray and never give up…
Luke 18:1
More Grace Sir”

chatinent(m): 12:32am
“Lol at the 4th picture grin grin



All those parades are for tithes and offerings.”

OmovuduTheBeast(f): 9:43am

“Religious fraudsters!”

aishapmbtoto: 9:43am
“When will he open a factory/industrial base??”

fasho01(m): 9:43am
“I don’t know why any news about this man doesn’t usually sit well with me

I’m certain this is only a stunt as every news about him always negative”

holyidol(m): 9:43am
“Apostle, you close your eyes because you know that the area was surrounded by your security. Can you give that your security to ordinary man equally? Or do you create the mounting that who will save the poor man from the hand of Fulani terrorist?”

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Andrewkinggg: 9:43am
Baba is even an arsenal fan..

“LOL embarrassment of a club and fans”

Prussian: 9:44am
This guy is a top-grade comedian.

This lying philander who was caught on camera lying shamelessly just last week has now opened a prayer mountain this week.”

“Another business centre


Please I really want to know, is Abuja still the Carpenter of Nigeria?”

potbelly(m): 9:45am
“I can make my bedroom a mountain… I don’t necessarily have to go to this mountain for God to answer my prayers.

A Sheltered Place Where Weary Laborers Could Come For Rest And Refreshing

Will the bolded be for free?”

gbaskiboy(m): 9:45am
Matthew 7:21-23… Not everyone saying to me Lord! Lord! dey do wetin God wants”

MrNipplesLover(m): 9:45am
“I only sympathize with those gullible people whom this man is feeding off.

Offpoint1: 9:45am
“Same people told you “God is omnipresent”
Same people create destinated place for you go and pray.
Same people create a destinated place for you go and worship God.

Same people told you Christ paid the ULTIMATE price for your sins
Same told you, you’ll go to hell if you sin, even after the ULTIMATE price has been paid.

Maybe someday we will all die and realize it was all true
Maybe someday we will all die and realize we were fooling ourselves the whole time.
Maybe someday we will all die and realize NOTHING because there’s nothing after death.

The more you see the less you understand”

sunshineV: 9:45am
“apostle suleman opening a prayer mountain is equal to a yahoo boy buying a new laptop”

Andrewkinggg: 9:45am
“DIDNT this man threatened El Rufai with death? What happened to that prophesy? Or prophesy no wan respect the prophet again?”

Source: News Mail NG

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