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Nnamdi Kanu Reveals Next Move To Restore Biafra



Nnamdi Kanu Reveals Next Move To Restore Biafra

Nnamdi Kanu tweeted “Our demand for a #referendum is now drawing closer to the point of moving on to urgent considerations of other options to restore #Biafra”

News Mail NG reports that Nnamdi Kanu ‘s tweet generated tweets from his followers and Biafra sympathizers . Read their tweets below : 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

“Our demand for a #referendum is now drawing closer to the point of moving on to urgent considerations of other options to restore #Biafra. Our people are ready. We’ve the means & wherewithal. What remains is the hour – the hour of reclaiming our manifest destiny, unilaterally.”

aloy ejimakor

“Today, virtually all major tribes in Nigeria are clamouring for self-determination. The Igbo are mostly united in their quest for Biafra. You can’t blame them. Buhari has shown them no mercy” – Dele Momodu.

Thank you,
. You nailed it in few words.”

King Baaba

“How can you live when you can’t survive? The questions I ask everytime
We practical ask God for everything in Nigeria, when there’s a govt!
Biafra or not, this season I’m advising my tribe to own a gun(s) each. Even if we die a good death, we died fighting!”

Obi of AbakalikiRight anger bubble

“Benin Republic should fill our space in this country, let us go to our Biafra.
Can’t FG reason that way too?”

Ndubisi Nkumeh

“The worst Oduduwans can do is that they would be divided among themselves in portions of some supporting to fight the war and those against fighting the war, but I still have to be honest based on my insight, most Oduduwans won’t be against Biafra.
Now isn’t 1967.”


“Biafra wants referendum, same as Oduduwa but Benin Republic wants to be part of Nigeria Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing.. Wahala no dy finish o”


“The Fulani told them lies that the Igbo wants Biafra because of their oil. They rose up against the Igbo and Fulani took over their oil wells.”


“All these Biafra, Niger Delta and Oduduwa nations will come to pass one day, we’re only postponing the date of fulfillment.

My keypads has stopped red-lining Biafra. It’s getting closer.”

Chris Ososa Asuelime

“The highest ranking PDP public office holder is Senator Abaribe, Senate Minority Leader. He hates Nigeria with passion and publicly advocate for Biafra. This is how careless the PDP is.”


“Those saying that I’m endangering their lives in the North by agitating for Biafra,are also endangering my life in Biafra land too
-Mazi Nnamdi Kanu-


“E be like Biafra is only in Imo and Abia….cos I cannot see other states in the SE making noise as these two states.”


Glowing starLord David OnyemaizuGlowing star

“Some people keep saying that we don’t WAR. Nobody wants war, but when will there not be war?

Our people say that: “The man that looks on at corpse of a dead man, with the eyes of the past, will be stripped naked by a ghost,”

For the first time, I’m in full support of BIAFRA.”

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Nwoke Nkwerre 🖊

“A captain doesn’t lead from diaspora/abroad. All of you beating the drums of war should tell your captain that warriors are known by their tact and agility at the warfront.
If Nnamdi Kanu is asking for Biafra war, let him come back home and lead it.”

Champion Paiko Jr

“The thing wey make Benin Republic wan join Nigeria, naim dey pursue Biafra from Nigeria “

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