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Vivian Rora Responds To Accusation Of Using Kayamata On Her Sugar Daddy



Vivian Rora Responds To Accusation Of Using Kayamata On Her Sugar Daddy

 A twitter user, Wayne , has accused another user, Vivian Rora , of using Kayamata on his father. Wayne in a series of tweets accused her of destroying their home. 

News Mail Nigeria reports that Wayne tweeted that his father has completely changed. He said his father just paid for a N1.4 million apartment for Vivian Rora . Read the tweets below: 

“A popular twitter user is having an affair with my father, currently the marriage of my parents is about to wreck, I’m tweeting this with pains in my heart .

my mother has been suspecting infedility because my father has completely change , he barely sleeps at home and he no longer provide for the family

Mom went to church and pastor told her a girl is using kayamata on my father. February 7th my mom saw this twitter user with my father in one of our Guest house.

And she boldly fought my mother.

please leave my father alone, undo the kayamata you are using on my father

If this is clout may i never get what I am looking for

Please guys help me , my father just rented her a new apartment worth 1.4million. @vivianrora
how can you be this wicked, my dad is no longer paying any bills at home because of you , you can’t defend yourself because you are guilty.”


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Vivian Rora has responded to accusation. She claims that she is dating Wayne’s father because the country is hard . Read her words below : 


“The truth is , I’m dating his father , his daddy spends on me real good, and there is nothing to be ashamed of here because, this country is hard we need money to survive. I promise not to get married to your dad but I’m not leaving him anytime soon.” 

VIVIAN RORA : Lady Wayne Accused Of Using Kayamata On His Father Responds

The irony is that this same Vivian Rora once claimed that Don Jazzy gave her N5 million with which she bought a Toyota Corolla but the music mogul denied it. 

“Twitter Fams, help me thank @DONJAZZY for blessing me with a car gift. I told Donbaba my car had a breakdown, he sent me 5million naira to purchase this little baby. Thank you sir.” Vivian Rora wrote .

Vivian Rora ‘s Corolla

Responding Don Jazzy wrote : 

“Jesu! 5m ke? In this economy? Please introduce me to that Don Jazzy. He should come and buy for me too. Aunty, you re chasing away my helpers o.”

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