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See The Controversial Reason Bashir Ahmad Is Trending



See The Controversial Reason Bashir Ahmad Is Trending

Bashir Ahmad was rumored to have been appointed by Muhammadu Buhari to head a lucrative department at DPR. 

“President Muhammadu Buhari has appointed his junior media aide Bashir Ahmad to supervise a powerful and lucrative division at the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR)” – GazetteNgr reported.

Bashir Ahmad has denied this rumor. He wrote on Twitter :

A friend sent me a link to a concocted story from an online news blog that the President has quietly appointed me as a manager of the DPR, a department of Ministry of Petroleum Resources, for those who want to know the truth, the story is 100% FALSE. I am not a staff of the DPR.

Below are the reactions from Nigerians on Twitter

Hydra Wolf face

“Bashir used private jet to go to his wedding and una dey compare am with SW BMC wey dey chop bole and ponmo for uncompleted building SkullSkullSkull”


“Bashir; Give me lucrative oil appointment or better still get me 5 NNPC slots for my Northern APC brothers. You can also get us a Private Jet if you don’t mind.

SW APC Boys: *Sit on plastic chair*
Order for 5 bole and two leathers, call themselves strategists while walking home.”

Gbenga ‘Gold’ Olorunpomi

“Until the Presidency come out to publicly deny this, I will assume it is 100% true. And, I am completely and utterly ashamed that, again, this administration is showing the country and the party complete disrespect. The Bashir I know is grossly unqualified for this job. Rubbish!”


“40+ men and women from SW are being paid in oily kpomo and bole, while 20+ Bashir Ahmed is getting petroleum management appointment.

404: Ako n’uche not found.”

DEMAGOGUE PhD.Heart with arrowsenior advocatGraduation cap
“Bashir Ahmad a graduated from Bayero University in his home state in 2013, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and an Hausa language reporter is to head NPMS in NNPC. He will draw 2 salaries as an aid to the president and also as head NPMS from the natl purse”

Replying to
“While the vicious SW BMC remain unemployed and unemployable.

Buhari av never hidden his obvious bias, but some wilful idiots keep going miles to prove their importance to their master, yet they go unrecognized”

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Towolawi Jamiu #EndSarsNow

” a “media person” will oversea oil regulations & supervise Shell, NNPC, Mobil, Chevron & other giant oil firms & also draw double salaries when over 50% of Nigeria working population are unemployed. Define Nepotism & corruption for me again!


“Gbenga was already in SW APC way before Bashir wrote his WAEC. Today, he is still managing, while little Bashir is waxing strong. I understand this type of pain. I will bring bazooka too. But Gbenga should manage, his SW BMC mates are still on Boli & Ponmo. Be grateful to Buhari.”

Ayobami Ayobami

“SW BMC said Bashir isn’t qualified for the position but They support Buhari. Bashir is more qualified than Buhari”

Somto Onuchukwu

“My advise to SW BMC is; be happy for Bashir, your time will come. Finish your bole and kpomo first, out of nothing comes greatness.”

Man of Letters.

“Bashir Ahmad to the angry SW APC and BMC after they heard about his appointment as Supervisor at the Department of Petroleum Resources.”


“I just read Buhari has appointed Bashir Ahmad as manager of lucrative petroleum ministry. This further shows that SW BMC are only used to do the dirty works while their Northern counterparts enjoy slots from NNPC and atmosphere of Private Jet.
SW APC boys are okay with bole tho.”

Ayobami Ayobami

“Dawisu threatening you on one side, Bashir mocking you and your contribution to the party on the other, before being rewarded with DPR job”

Ayobami Ayobami

“These people did not cry about insecurity, unemployment, inflation and FX crisis like this. This Bashir story touched them”

JJ. Omojuwa

“Fake or not, I enjoyed a few fake tears on the Bashir story. People getting killed and peaceful protesters being dehumanised didn’t make you angry, na appointment vex you. God safe us.”

“Bashir Ahmad studied Mass Communication but is now appointed to head a lucrative department in the Oil and Gas.

State capturing & nepotism at its best. The govt. openly gives authority to the most inept and inexperienced.

That’s where Miyetti Allah gets their guts from.”


“If I was Bashir Ahmad , I wouldn’t even bother denouncing my false appointments as the Manager of DPR. My reply would be “Yes I was appointed as manager of the DPR” what are you going to do about it?”

Comrade Deji Adeyanju

“Do you guys know that the Bashir appointment get weight pass Keyamo ministerial appointment? Because there is nothing in Ministry of Labour. “

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