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Minister of Communications Reveals What FG Wants To Do With BVN And NIN



Minister of Communications Reveals What FG Wants To Do With BVN And NIN

Isa Pantami has revealed that the Federal Government wants to replace the Bank Verification Numbers with the National Identity Numbers, NIN .

The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy said this while touring a facility of the ongoing NIN enrolment exercise at NIMC and other designated center in Abuja. 

Isa Pantami added that the presentation has been made National Economic Sustainability Committee and drew the attention of Central Bank of Nigeria’s Governor, Godwin Emefiele . on the need to replace BVN with NIN.

He said the BVN is a regulator’s policy, while NIN is a law.

“The strength of the law wherever you go is not the same with a policy of one institution.’’

“BVN is our secondary database, while NIN and the database is the primary one in the country that each and every institution should make reference to NIMC,” he said.

The Minister also said Nigeria is now a leader in Africa in regards to data protection regulation. He claimed that the security in the database is 99.9 per cent.

He said, “That is why we came up with the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation that we always enforce and this is applicable to the database at our disposal.

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“We take care of it and make sure that security is excellent and we don’t allow anybody to compromise the content because it is a trust from our citizens given to us.’’

The minister said, “The economy of Nigeria relies more on the private sector than the public sector.

“If you look at our GDP collectively, it is approximately around $450bn which is the highest in Africa. If you compute, you will discover that the entire stage of government particularly the federal level is approximately around 8.5 per cent, while that of the private sector is more than 91.5 per cent. Government cannot do without collaborating with the private sector.


“What government must do is to provide enabling environment for the private sector to thrive and this is what we have been doing every day to come up with policies for the private sector to thrive.

“This is what brought about tax holiday, visa on arrival in Nigeria, online registration of companies by CAC.”


Nigerians have angrily reacted to this development. Read their comments below : 

Okoro Chidiebere Kingsley
Replying to
“After wasting billions in BVN equipments and amenities… Was NIN not I existence before the introduction of BVN… what’s all this na???”

Uncle Wilsøn™

“This thing called Nigeria is just a confused wild animal.”

Portrait of a diligent astronautTop hatRoseHeavy large circle

“Another long queues and struggling to ensue in banks. This government is deliberately being daft. Face with rolling eyes”


“Wrong people in the affairs of beautiful country called NIGERIA”


“I think FG needs someone smart to assist in their Decision making process.. cos what level of confusion is this?”

Segun Obadare

“A scammer called me few days ago to tell me this. He said my bank sent as sms to its customer to link their account(s) with their NIN but I have not done mine. He said my card has been blocked, old pin wiped and a new PIN issued me. He gave me the new number & asked the ‘old’ PIN
Since I was not high on water or anything else, I did not give him and he said my card would be blocked. I gave him the go-ahead to block it.
Fast forward, awa minister is saying the same thing the scammer said: link account to NIN. What next are we linking to our bank account?”


I understand the urge to want to exercise powers at his disposal, but can’t someone in the executive call this guy and tell him to rest? It’s not by force to make policy, just collect your salary and do nothing like everyone else in govt, don’t disturb lives you can’t improve”

Source : News Mail Nigeria

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