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VIDEO : Destiny Etiko Swears With Her Mother’s Life



EXPOSED :A Married Oil Mogul Allegedly Bought Destiny Etiko Her New Landcruiser

Destiny Etiko , Nollywood sensation and self dubbed Drama Doll has cleared the air on the allegations that Mr Jack-Rich bought her the Landcruiser.

News Mail Nigeria reports that the actress made a video to clear the air. Destiny Etiko in the video swore with her life and her mother’s life that she has never met Mr. Jack-Rich the CEO of Belama Oil . 


”A lot has been going on. A lot has been flying on the internet ever since I posted my vehicle. I haven’t rested and I do not know why. I had wanted to keep quiet because a clear conscience fears no accusation but things kept coming up as if I have done something wrong.

So I am here to clear the air. I don’t know this man you people speak of. I have never met him in my entire life.

I swear with my life. I swear with everything I hold sacred. In fact, apart from my life, another person I hold so dear to my heart is my mother. I swear with my mother’s life. If I have ever met this man or him giving me any money or him sponsoring my projects or him even buying me a car, let it not ever be well with me and my generation but if not, this people cooking this whole thing up, the blogs sponsoring it, it shall never be well with you all and your entire generation” Destiny Etiko said in the video


Captioning the video, Destiny Etiko wrote

”I have been an independent hardworking woman all my life, all the haters, bloggers, friends in disguise and evil doers sponsoring false news about me all in the bid to tarnish my image and trend, this is for u all.
My God will continue to punish each and everyone dat has anything to do with since u don’t appreciate good things…greatness will be very far from u all

Watch the Nollywood star below : 

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