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Segalink Reveals Why He Voted For Lekki Toll Gate Reopening



Segalink Reveals Why He Voted For Lekki Toll Gate Reopening

Segalink , Mr. Segun Awosanya ,has revealed why he voted in support of the reopening Lekki Toll Gate .

News Mail Nigeria reports that Segalink said this while responding to the backlash of news that he betrayed the End SARS movement by backing the reopening of the Lekki Toll Gate when justice has not been served. 

Segalink wrote this on Twitter :

“It is futile making logical sense when emotions are running wild. Where in the world do you deploy sentiments & injustice to obtain justice?

“Those manipulating you presents you with someone to hate and you march on like zombies to throw tantrums. How does granting access for assessment of damage & initiating repairs a vote against the people when the panel’s forensic team are done at the site.

“Recall that people work in the establishment too. Imagine locking the whole road under claims of an ongoing investigation without the need to visit.

“There are always other routes to ensure justice without becoming the demons we fight. We need not make life harder for others just to prove a point.

“Everyone is entitled to fairness, equity & presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Investigation is done, cases are ongoing.

“Imagine shutting down police and Army in the name of an ongoing investigation. This is not in the spirit of justice.

“Read the ruling and if it errs on the ground of Law, Justice and Equity then we can look into that. Thus, far there’s no such claim.

“Think deeply about those misleading you to think you have been betrayed. You’re being used,” he said.

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