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Say You Are The Matron Of Herdsmen – Soyinka To Buhari



Say You Are The Matron Of Herdsmen - Soyinka To Buhari

Wole Soyinka while speaking on BBC Pidgin advised Buhari on how to address the herdsmen crisis in Nigeria. 

News Mail Nigeria gathered the Nobel Laureate asked Buhari to openly admit he is the matron of herdsmen and a cattle rancher himself. 

Speaking on what he is expecting from Buhari, Soyinka said: “Address the nation in a very stern, unambiguous terms.

“Say openly, yes, I know I am the matron of the cattle rearers association, etc.

“I am a cattle rancher myself, it is a business and I run my business on business terms.

“I do not run my business by killing people. I do not run my business by raping, displacing, torturing and I don’t run my business by occupying land that does not belong to me.

“Whatever comes to you for illegal occupation or for trespassing in other people’s property is your business.

“And I am ordering the Army, I am ordering all the security forces to back citizens’ efforts in flushing you people out.

“I expect nothing less even at this stage.

“This is the language I expect from President Buhari and as long as that language does not come, I must consider him quite complacent with what is going on because the buck stops at his desk.” Soyinka said. 


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