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#END SARS : Controversy Trails Votes For The Reopening Of Lekki Toll Gate



#END SARS : Controversy Trails Votes For The Reopening Of Lekki Toll Gate

The members of the judiciary panel investigating the Lekki Toll Gate massacre were made to vote on the reopening of the Lekki Toll Gate.

News Mail Nigeria reports that controversy broke when Nigerians found out that Segalink Mr. Segun Awosanya voted in favor of the reopening of Lekki Toll Gate . See how they voted below:

Lekki Toll Gate Opening.
Votes Against LASG:

– Ebun Olu- Adegboruwa
– Olorunrinu Oduala
– Temitope Majekodunmi
– Patience Patrick Udoh

Votes for LASG

– Justice Doris Okuwobi (Rtd)
– Taiwo Lakanu DIG (Rtd.)
– Lucas Koyejo
– *Segun Awosanya(Sega)
– Mrs. Oluwatoyin Odusanya

End SARS activist and member of the judicial panel, Olorunrinu Oduala , popularly known as SavvyRinu who voted against the reopening of the Lekki Toll Gate has this to say about the vote :

Rinu #EndSARSFireWater pistol

“Let it be known that today, I and
, dissented to the reopening of the Lekki Toll Gate on the Lagos Panel.

This, as a result of LCC inability to provide access to their CCTV servers for the forensic expert employed by the panel to authenticate the footage they submitted”

Also, we are of the view that the investigations into the Lekki Toll Gate incidence have barely begun, and so the Lekki Toll Gate should remain shut until full investigations are concluded by the Panel.

Also the ruling that Lekki Toll Gate should be reopened cannot hold, as a quorum wasn’t formed today with the youth representatives absent.

It is also pertinent to note that 5 of 9 can’t form a proper quorum.

It should also be noted that the ruling did not include our dissenting opinions as members of the panel.

This stand is also taken by Ebun Adegboruwa SAN and Ms. Patience Udoh, members of the Civil society group.

Five other members of the panel held the view that the Toll Gate should be allowed to reopen.

LCC has questions to answer.

We remain committed to getting justice.


Abdul Mahmud, a Lawyer writing on the panel’s vote for the reopening of Lekki Toll Gate wrote :

Great Oracle

“Problem with the Judicial Panels of Inquiry into SARS is that many didn’t and still don’t see them as sites for the political trial of the government. So, many either stayed away or entered no legal representation in the Panels. The few that attended were politically naive!

The selections of youths to the Panels were deliberate. The lack of organisational leadership of the movement made the selections problematic, so individual selects became the handpicks of the government. Remember: he who pays the piper dictates the tunes

The vote fiasco should not have happened if representation at the Lagos Panel was addressed by the movement itself; but there was no movement or structures to politically maximize the gains of the protests. So, take what you get from the vote fiasco: they voted for themselves

Many have all moved on. Principal voices of the protests have become voices of exilic blues, others are dreaming of God when, and many others have become tools in the hands of the oppressors, while families still mourn their dead. There’s no collective grief here.

The vote to reopen the LekkiTollGate is the last nail driven into the coffins of the brave ones who were murdered there on 20.10.20.

May their blood continue to haunt the murderers”

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Responding to the condemnations of his vote for the reopening of Lekki Toll Gate,Mr. Segun Awosanya who tweets via his Twitter handle, Segalink wrote :

SEGA L’éveilleur®Police cars revolving light

We will all answer to God someday. There are things that are convenient to say to earn the attention of the mob but how long will that last? We are subject to the vagaries of weather and soon it will change & houses hurriedly built on sand will be swept away. I’m on the Rock. Alarm clock”


Ayò-Bánkólé Akíntújoyè
“I think this Lekki toll reopening & Sega argument is an opportunity to open conversations about how much is left to be repaid to LCC? Who is auditing the amount received?. Can it be made public? Can’t govt pay off (if anything is left) & open the toll in memory of those who died?

I recall LASG once cancelled the concession and as a result, one will expect that the debt has been paid off. So who then are the funds going to? Who is the ultimate beneficiary of the collections? If the collections aren’t going to repay debt, then why is reopening so important?

Since young people died at the toll, isn’t it extreme to rush to reopen it when memories are still fresh and we are yet to receive closure? More importantly, why is LCC still collecting money, especially after people died, if it is no longer a concession? These are the questions.”

Ayo Sogunro – #Transformist; #EndSARS

“More importantly, Sega’s attitude is not unique. It is probably what millions of Nigerians will do: we will act as ‘mediator’ between victims and oppressor when the victim is peaceful. But when the victim fights in anger, we then take the side of the oppressor who has the power.”


“Your thread are quite understandable but encircled with sentiments & fallacies as such, you only need to understand the fact that judiciary panel isn’t independent enough to unravel the genocide at lekki toll gate. It’s jst like sitting in front of a Lion for discussing safety”


Replying to
“I’m actually disappointed with the panel of enquiry but I think we need to hear from
to know his own side of the story. Seems the whole protest and lives lost was a mistake and waste.”

Theresa Tekenah

“Lekki Toll gate is providing jobs, revenue for Lagosians and there is a legal agreement between Lekki Concession Company Limited and Lagos State government. The toll gate cannot remain closed because of the sentiment of certain people.”

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