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VIDEOS : Controversies Trail Gov. Ortom ‘s Support For IPOB



VIDEOS : Controversies Trail Gov. Ortom's Support For IPOB

A viral video of Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom , venting about the menace of Fulani Herdsmen and the shameful support FG gives them has raised dust online.

News Mail Nigeria presents the videos and the reactions of Nigerians below: 


Founder of Indigenous People of Biafra,IPOB,

Nnamdi Kanu , whose organisation’s proscription what questioned by Governor Ortom had this to say about his viral video :

Nick Iyke Okonkwo

“Appeal to terrorists, proscribed and kill IPOB members. What a discriminating way to run a Country!”

Obiora Okeke

“Am sure d governors in SE #Nigeria listens 2 their colleague in Benue. Pls someone shld share d full video of Ortom 2 them. Where’re those other efulefus, ndi #OneNigeria in our mist? Quick 2 call 4 crucifixion of MNK, #IPOB & #ESN. Swallow ur shame & stand 4 truth. #BiafraExit”

Replying to

and 2 others
“Whipping up ethnic sentiments seems to be more important to him than making laws to protect the sovereignty of Nigeria. It’s just so appalling. Mscheew Smirking face”

“It is truly appalling. This senator of the FRN with his entire rant, justified IPOB and Kanu insanity”

Oluchi Christy

“Miyetti Allah are going about killing people all over the country & the fed govt has not banned them but they banned IPOB, what did IPOB do that they banned them?
So many people are afraid to talk, if you talk they will send security operatives after you or EFCC & ICPC ~Gov.Ortom”

Jackson Ude

“You proscribed IPOB that never killed a soul, embraced Fulani Killer Herdsmen, paid them money for killing other Nigerians. You are an uncircumcised idiot Buhari. Yes, I said it!”

EndSARS Citizen

“IPOB needs not be proscribed as a terrorist org while armed bandits are pampered and negotiated with in same country with double standards for same offence.
Buhari’s APC govt is an error!”


“IPOB is like Jesus Christ, we sacrificed ourselves for other tribes to be Free

⭕nyeWawa Sunrise over mountains#BiafraExit Sunrise over mountains

“All this time Yoruba journalists were attacking #IPOB and calling us “proscribed secessionists” it turns out they just wanted their own
@MaziNnamdiKanu “

Henry Shield

“If we can sit and talk with Bandits, we should never have proscribed IPOB!”

ENRY Flag of Nigeria

“It is a failure of the DSS that Nnamdi Kanu was able to assemble, train, arm, and deploy an armed militia of IPOB within Nigeria. The DG of the organization should have been fired for this by now.”

Stateless For Now Until #Biafra is Free

“If not IPOB by now u will hearing Igbo-Fulani, Yoruba-Fulani, just like Hausa-Fulani. Thank God for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.”


”I will never forget that ”Yoruba Afenifere” was the first Southern group to endorse IPOB-Eastern Security Network while Ohanaeze Ndigbo remains Zipper-mouth faceZipper-mouth face till today. You see why I MNK abuse Ohanaeze Ndigbo leadership”?



“Are you aware that #IPOB members in Ebonyi State were attacked by fulani herdsmen in their homes at night & some where killed. This happened in Nkwo-agu ISU Onicha LGA of OHO-OZARA in Ebonyi State. PG of Anioma ISU will be held responsible.


Emeka Gift

“Their game plan is to dangle 2023 in your face while they are busy gaining more ground

If not for #IPOB you are all gone, finished as a race—Mazi Nnamdi Kanu”

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