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VIDEOS : Kaisha Speaks On Kissing Kidd Waya At Praise’s Birthday



VIDEOS : Kaisha Speaks On Kissing Kidd Waya At Praise's Birthday

Rumor has it that Kidd Waya and Kaisha of Big Brother Naija 2020 kissed last night at Praise’s birthday.

NEWS MAIL NG reports that Kaisha said she woke up this morning to see her name trending. Her respond is below :

“So I woke up to “Kidd kissed Kaisha last night “ Astonished face How??? Oh yes I had too much to drink at Praise’s birthday party last night and I don’t remember kissing Kidd so where’s this coming from?

Kidd’s ritual of pouring drinks into our mouths is not new and we all know how playful he is. Kidd is like a brother to me and I have never imagined kissing Kidd! Never!!! It’s my fault that I was careless last night; I had too much to drinkWoman facepalming

My carelessness pushed a Negative Narrative about Kidd and I sincerely apologize for thatFolded hands
For those assuming on Kidd’s behavior saying he kissed me here you go… the full video. “



Kidd Waya also responded to quash the rumor. Read his tweet below :


“False story. Goodnight.”

Trust Nigerians, they won’t keep quiet. Read tweets on this below:
Temitope Ifidon ❤

“I am not the one to tell you how to live your life but when you keep displaying this your nonchalant behaviour, it will affect your own branding and your integrity is at stake as well. Even if there is nothing between you E presently, you were once together, Respect her!”

Replying to
“Okay I guess it was praise birthday party, there was probably a game Kidd and Kaisha’s game surfaced online with the help of Kaisha though, but why is Erica pretending to hug trikky so much to avoid Kidd Person walking Person walking I have headache please”

Dr. George Pill

“Okay, so my Kidd didn’t kiss after all. So the chastisement and all?

Aww Kidd”

Kaisha Stann

Replying to
“Morning beautiful kaisha have a nice day Queen everybody go dey alright las las don’t stress yourself “


Replying to
“Relax kaisha u don’t have to explain u killed no one! people will always have something to say we still love Erica more”

Adenike Of LagosElectric light bulb🛡Trident emblem#EndSARS

Replying to
“Alaye wanted to though but he controlled himself at the spot so tell us what happened after, I mean midnight Face with rolling eyesFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy Makeuna no drag me abeg, today na Sunday ejor”


IStanStarGirlEricaGlowing star⭐

Replying to
“The painful part in all of this is that someone else was dragged and she was not even involved in this Video.”

Harry The Good Guy Money with wingsMoney with wingsElectric light bulb

“I remember when certain people weren’t bothered with Kaisha or Tbaj coming in between an already established relationship.

Now, Kidd, a completely single man, flirts with Kaisha and all hell is breaking loose.

Una sense of entitlement ehh >>>>”


Replying to
“She could have posted the full video to avoid all this drama and now Erica was dragged for nothing”

GwladMoney with wingsMoney with wings

“Yeah it’s always all about erica,what about kidd who was also dragged!he didn’t post that video”

Dami ❁.

“Kaisha making that thread all bcos of Adulthood is weakening .
She’s free to do whatever with Kidd, and she didn’t even do anything. You owe nobody babe .”

Olaoye Temitope

Replying to
“You also need to stop somethings you do that you know can be misinterpreted, it’s getting too much at this point. Goodnight. You’re not making an attempt to prove their narrative wrong and you keep setting her and even yourself up for drags and insults” Pensive face

“Thanks dear good talk”

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