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All The Juicy Details And Videos About Apostle Suleman ‘s Adultery Scandal



All The Juicy Details And Videos About Apostle Suleiman 's Adultery Scandal

A former pastor, Mike Davids , of Apostle Suleman ‘s church has accused him of destroying his home. 

NEWS MAIL NG reports that Mike Davids in a video narrated how Apostle Suleman slept with wife and eventually destroyed his marriage. He alleged that Apostle Suleman hypnotized his wife. 

“My wife was a staffer with NTA Iruekpen, so Apostle Suleman reached out to her that they will need her to build Celebration TV and Rhema for Living. She would have to shuttle between Osun State and Auchi.

She came back from Auchi to Osun State and said she wanted to talk to me that her conscience was pricking her. I asked what was it and she said that while in Auchi, Apostle Suleman lodged her at Uyi Grand Hotel and he came there and slept with her.

And the moment she said that, the first thing that came to my mind was my daughter. I asked where was Michelle when this happened and she said Michelle was on the bed, pushed aside and I asked, ‘You mean you slept with a man with my daughter on the bed?’. I had to let it go because there was nobody I could tell and I couldn’t fight with Apostle Suleman… I forgave her but the amorous relationship continued. One thing I know is that my wife was hypnotised. This is not the woman I got married to, who I knew for 11 years.”Davids claimed

Davids alleged from then his relationship with Pastor Suleman went bad and he was suspended afterwards. According to him when the suspension was lifted, he refused to return, Apostle Suleman started threatening his life. He added that after he left the church in July 2019, his wife started fighting with him and finally left him, took their three kids and relocated to Abuja. 


“Apostle Suleman has given her a branch of the church in Utako, Abuja to head without permission. I am calling on Pastor David Oyedepo, Pastor Paul Enenche, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Pastor Margaret Idahosa, CAN, PFN.

Apostle Suleman has damaged my life. I have not seen my wife and children for two years and Apostle Suleman says if I ever go near them, he will have me taken out. I have a video where he said he will make me disappear. I don’t want to lose my life.”


Watch video below :


Reacting to the petition, the IGP in a letter addressed to the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Force Intelligence Bureau, Garki, and dated January 5, 2021, ordered a full investigation into the allegation.


The police letter which is titled, ‘Re: Criminal Petition Against Apostle Johnson Suleman for Enticement of a Married Woman; Adultery; Unlawful Criminal Restraint to Access Children and Threat to Life’, reads in part

“I attach here with a copy of a letter dated December 30, 2020 with its attachments received from V.C Ezenagu & Associates on the above-underlined subject. The Inspector-General of Police directs that you treat. Accept the assurances of my esteemed regards please.”


Faith Edeko the woman whose estranged husband accused Pastor Suleman of sleeping with has broken silence. 

“I don’t know what you hope to achieve, I don’t know who paid you but the only thing I will say is haven’t you done enough? Are you not tired of flogging someone’s daughter in pain?

You left me in Kano. You called me on a certain day that you were going to leave the marriage. I thought you were bluffing. I called my people and they can testify. My elder brother called you from the UK. You told them you were leaving the marriage. My elder brother told me you were bluffing.

I remember I begged you and then I got to the office and I collapsed, according to what my principal said because I found myself in the hospital.

There are recordings which I will upload. You told my brothers that I would crawl in the gutters. I told them not to do anything to you, that you are still the father of my kids. At some point, I contemplated suicide. I had written my suicide note, I had bought sniper because I could not fathom how I would live life in so much pain. I won’t drag you because of my children… you have done too much and it is enough. I am not hypnotized. I am not under a spell.”


Apostle Johnson Suleman reacting to the allegations tweeted :


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