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How Pregnant Woman Lost Her Baby After Insisting To Call Her Pastor Before Surgery



How Pregnant Woman Lost Her Baby After Insisting To Call Her Pastor Before Surgery

Pregnant woman lost her baby after insisting that the medical doctors wait until she calls her pastor before the surgery starts.

NEWS MAIL NG reports that the doctor shared this sad story via his Twitter handle @Baldilocks_ . He said she came into the hospital with a cord prolapse and was already prepared for a caesarian section when she said her pastor must be called before the surgery starts.

He said due to the delay to wait for the pastor’s wife to pray, the baby died. Read his words below: 

Had a pregnant lady come into the ER with cord prolapse last night. Quick thinking medical officer had already put his hand into the vagina to displace the presenting part while Aunty was being prepped for an emergency CS. The obstetrics team of doctors and nurses already ready.

Theater crew ready. Just as we were about to go in, Aunty said she must call her pastor. We dey dial pastor, number no dey go. Aunty shouted to her husband “call Aunty Doyin”. Aunty Doyin is pastor’s wife. Aunty Doyin said we should all hold on that they need to pray.

We were explaining that it was an emergency but lady wasn’t having it. Consultant don dey vex. Me sef don dey vex. The other egbon whose hand had been in the vagina all this while don dey para. 2:00am everyone was tired & angry. We lost precious time cos of all the back & forth.

By the time we finally entered, we lost the baby. Aunty is crying, husband is angry. Aunty Doyin is comforting them on the phone saying it’s God’s will. See, having faith is important but having the common sense to know when something is an emergency is importanter.

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