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Nigerians React To Zlatan Blocking DJ Cuppy On Social Media



Nigerians React To Zlatan Blocking DJ Cuppy On Social Media

Femi Otedola’s daughter, DJ Cuppy , complained that Zlatan blocked her on Instagram and WhatsApp for over 10 months.

NEWS MAIL NG reports that DJ Cuppy wrote on her Twitter page that Zlatan blocked her on her on WhatsApp and Instagram. Sh wrote : 



KADUNA KINGFlag of Nigeria

"Zlatan blocked a Billionaire daughter on whatsapp and Instagram. Omo see levels.. God when Folded hands and I dey here dey fear to do small quarel with Girl wey dey cook indomie bring for me."

HOLYMAN Latin cross

"If Zlatan can block DJ Cuppy the Daughter Of a Billionaire on whatsapp and Instagram, Please who are you again that I cannot block you Danu??"

MAZINEMicrophone #EndSARSFlag of NigeriaDo not litter symbol

"Being addicted to Twitter is more fun and far better than been on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram if only you're mature in mind."

As a core Ada Nnewi before you block me on WhatsApp and Instagram tell me my offence Folded hands My net worth is 1 BTC Pleading face

Zlatan Honorable Deji Telegram"

Daddy Gee HoeRolling on the floor laughing

"Zlatan blocking DJ Cuppy on WhatsApp and Instagram is just a confirmation that celebrities are humans too!

If you like, be feeling yourself cos your father is a high ranking citizen, I won't hesitate to block your a$$"

NsiFlag of Yemen
"Meet Zlatan Ibile ..
The First Black man to Block a billionaire pikin on WhatsApp and Instagram in 1874-AC"

A Different shade of differentStar-struck

"The fact that Zlatan blocked DJ Cuppy on WhatsApp and Instagram shows that there are levels to this thing.
Nobody is above blocking."

𝐌𝕆𝐇𝐍𝐈𝐂𝐄Japanese symbol for beginner
Zlatan did d right thing blocking cuppy on WhatsApp and Instagram, Ladies now brag wit hw many chats they've unread & feel like its favor when they reply your chat

I blocked some1 recently after goin thru our chats &discovered that d only reply I always get from her is Ok or Lol


Adetola Olawunmi

"I really look forward to the stage of my life where I will blocking Millionaires on WhatsApp and Instagram.."

Alhaji Beardless SmallieWoman wearing turbanSplashing sweat symbolEarth globe americas
Replying to
Hello Mr President,

"Information getting to us is that your blocked DJ Cuppy on WhatsApp and Instagram after that “Gelato” song...

How true are these claims??"

ℍ𝕠𝕥𝕄𝕖𝕕𝕚𝕒 ƬV

"Zlatan: Cuppy after that collabo, i felt something deep for you Pleading face

Cuppy: It's just a collabo nothing more Face with rolling eyes

Zlatan: Blocks(whatsapp and Instagram) then"


"Zlatan blocked DJ cuppy on WhatsApp and Instagram and I no fit block this girl because she dey give me free puna"


"Zlantan ibile block cuppy on WhatsApp and Instagram and I cannot block one mumu girl that am helping her life and she's still doing yanga..I need to see the pastor"


Table Shaker Flag of Nigeria Flag of Nigeria

"If billionaire pikin fit chop blocking on Whatsapp and Instagram

Who you be?"

Maria N

"So the same people including Zlatan that dragged Ozman for (a delusion of) him picking woman over money are here hyping Zlatan for blocking DJ Cuppy on WhatsApp and Instagram
I thought money was everything Clown face

Hypo what?!!"

Bossman Of LagosFlag of Nigeria❁

"zlatan : cuppy who is your daddy

cuppy : otedola

zlatan : baba temi babalola

cuppy : so your dad founded CAC

zlatan : Blocking of whatsapp and instagram

no joy"

Side~ChickWoman dancing

"I imagine Street block billionaire daughter for WhatsApp and Instagram

This life no balance at all"


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